Essay about The Individual 's Perpetration Of Racism

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Throughout history, racism has been a prominent source of discord between the different races of the world. It has led to many inhumane and atrocious acts to be carried out in history and it is time to look at the past to try to mend the deep rift that has been created. It is time to address both the individual 's and society 's role in perpetuating racism and to come up with a solution to solve this never-ending act.
In defining the role of the individual 's perpetration of racism, we must first look back at what could have possibly caused this attitude towards certain races and ethnicities in society. The "Psychologist Theodore W. Adorno and his colleagues (1950) concluded that highly prejudiced individuals tend to have an authoritarian personality" (Adorno et al., 1950, pg.286). According to Adorno (1950), this personality is most likely to be developed within a family environment in which dominate parents use physical discipline and little love in the raising of their children based on their own anxieties about status due to their feelings of degradation. Other causes of attitudes towards racism can be based on imitating a loved one or society 's influence on these individuals. For example, trying to fit in at school or trying to act like their parents. Now that we have looked at what could have led to this role, we can discuss what role an individual plays and how they perpetuate racism. The individual plays a role that acts out their own manifestations of hate or…

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