Essay about The Individual Goals And Family Goals

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This paper will review the individual goals and family goals of the practice case study which includes Beatrice, Janice. Leon, Guy (Allan), and Katherine. In the first session, we covered different dynamics of the group and would they would do next and that was to determine goals. For this second phase of the practice case study we will discuss the family goals that was established for the family group and individual goals that each participant has decided upon. In addition, it is necessary to figure out the measurement for these goals and how they will be evaluated for each individual goal and for the family goals. Furthermore, the ending of the session will discuss the main points of this session and the homework tasks for the next week’s session.

2.4 Family: New Group Formation & Goal Identification
To be happier as a family, get along better, and communicate better, and reduce tension.
Family Purpose and Goal:
Learn to communicate better as a family unit. By learning to communicate it will reduce tension, help everyone get along better as a family and reduce tension in the household.
Final Family Purpose and Goal:
Learn to communicate and interact better as a family unit.
Beatrice Individual Goals:
Feel more appreciated by the family and feeling less lonely.
Beatrice family goal: Be a happier family and get along better.
Beatrice feels like she does everything around the house and no one appreciates the things she does. She does not work, however, she does…

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