The Independence Of The Philippines Essay

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The Philippines longed for over three and a half centuries for the basic human right of independence. Most of the population was fighting for their freedom and to be the overseers of their own country. They challenged their rulers through peaceful and moderate violent conduct. The nation went through one unsuccessful attempt of independence before they actually achieved it in 1946. The second World war halted the efforts to redeem independence the second time, but the process continued after. The Philippines ' independence movement was a peaceful interaction with the United States; however, Japan 's and the United States ' involvement in World War Two interrupted the Philippines ' progress and Japan 's control over the Philippines lead to years of battling terrorism in the Nation with the assistance of the United States.
The Philippines’ journey to independence was mostly peaceful, but was halted by World War Two and the Japanese control of the nation. For most of its existence, the Philippines were controlled by the Spanish; however, the Spanish-American War changed that. When the United States took control over the Philippines after they won the nation in Spanish-American War of 1898, it was not seen as a permanent ownership. Although, tt then went on to be ruled as a colony for almost forty years (Birns 1). When the Western invaders first arrived, the Filipinos took part in guerrilla warfare to rebel against the United States; however, in time, once the United States…

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