The Inclusion Body Disease ( Ibd ) Essay

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Inclusion Body Disease (IBD), sometimes called “Stargazing”, is a known pathogen that affects the nervous system, organs, and tissue of its host and in many cases, leads to death (PET MD, 2010). An inclusion body represents a wide spread of bacteria throughout a cell. (Dictionary, 2012) Microscopic changes are mainly seen in the kidney, liver or blood cells, these are known to be abnormal structures within the cells. IBD was first identified in the mid 1970’s, but curiously no known pathogens are known for its cause. (Spinner, 2016)
It has been speculated to be a retrovirus transmitted though mites and insects or an arenavirus that would be transmitted through rodents. (Derisi Lab, n.d.) Samples of strange DNA had been noticed by researchers and when results came back they found that IBD was in the same family of the arenaviruses. Not new world, not old world, but they discovered a whole new lineage of virus. Until this point arenaviruses had never been seen in reptiles, but only in rodents. (Buchmeier, 2012) There are even cases that show that the cause of IBD remains a mystery and no one really knows how it spreads. Inclusion Body Disease is in the same family of virus that causes Aids in humans; In addition, there is no functional cure for either sickness. Although other illnesses caused by pests are treatable and sometimes curable. (RFUK, 2007)
Herpetologists know IBD by many names like “twisty, stargazing disease or boid encephalitis.” (Reptile Magazine,…

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