The Incarceration Rate Of East Harlem Essay

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According to the NYC Department of Juvenile Justice, the incarceration rate of East Harlem is almost 3 times higher than the Manhattan rate and the assault rate is of East Harlem is more than twice the citywide rate
According to the mapping center, in East Harlem, 1 in every 20 males has been to prison and a large portion of the convicts will come back to the same swath of East Harlem between third and park avenue. In order to keep East Harlem lawbreakers imprisoned, the state spent more than $3.5 million annually. The United states spend over 80 billion on incarceration each year. People who are incarcerated have higher rates of mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction and others health conditions that need to address and solve.
Unfortunately, the criminal justice system works only to manage offenders without managing them as people and looking at the different factors that lead to their violent behavior. Mass incarceration not only affects negatively the health of the individual(inmates) but the community. Plus, the incarceration-related policy has an impact on well-being.
I- what is mass incarceration?
According to Michelle Alexander author of the New Jim Crow, “ Mass incarceration is a massive system of racial and social control. It is the process by which people are swept into the criminal justice system, branded criminals and felons, locked up for longer periods of time than most other countries in the world who incarcerate people who have been convicted of crimes,…

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