Essay on The Impulse Society By Henry Ford

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The Impulse Society The first chapter of The Impulse Society discussed a number of things relating to how the market was working and how people just wanted more and more things to feel better about themselves. The first idea that was discussed was about the feeling people get when using little clever gadgets that Apple has put into their iPhones. The idea is that people like to feel like they are accomplishing a lot by simply pushing a button or two when in reality it is as simple as it gets. Then the book goes on to discuss the creation of the assembly line by Henry Ford. The creation of the assembly line allowed Ford to produce cars rapidly for a cheap price. It changed people’s way of life. The overall opportunities for the common person expanded, and a number of restrictions were lifted. Ford thought he had the whole system set up perfectly but eventually everyone on the market had one of his cars and he started to lose a customer base to sell to. A man by the name of Alfred Sloan came up with the idea that you need to market towards people’s psychological needs, and not just their physical needs. He started creating cars that had new upgrades and different colors that showed just some sign of change. People with his cars were thought to have some sort of higher social status. A few times a year he would make a new version of the same car with just a small upgrade that would show a sign of power in some way to the people driving the new version of the car. He had the…

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