The Importance Of Women In Thirty Years A Slave By Elizabeth Keckley

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Many women face battles all throughout their lives, but the question they should ask themselves would be; how could you let your battles you’ve overpowered affect you in your present and your future life. As women, we have tended to let society mold us, and shape us cumulatively over the past few years. Society has this tight grip on our minds, making us question if we are ever good enough. Women cannot let society have that hold on them. In a poem written my Maya Angelou, she reminds women they too are a phenomenal woman. However, the truth of the matter is women of all different races have to face stereotypes and even have certain expectations to meet, on an everyday basis because of society.
A battle being face is that women all around,
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A woman shouldn’t try to outdo herself. Women are meant to become nurses; they are not meant to become doctors. In a book called “Thirty years a slave” by Elizabeth Keckley, Elizabeth Keckley faced a battle of her past. She was a slave, but instead of that affecting her, she actually used it to ignite a flame in her. She overcomes her past of being a slave and ends up in the white house, becoming extremely close to Mrs. Lincoln. Elizabeth is an example of a strong woman who faced battled in her life and used them to positively affect her future. The strong and successful woman are viewed as cold-blooded, and heartless. Some see a man with grey hair and see it as him aging with wisdom, but when some see a woman with grey hair they associate it with her only getting older. The world is okay for a strong male to become our president, but once a strong woman runs for presidency people are cautious of her. Does it have to do with the aging of a woman? Maybe that’s why the world doesn’t want a female president. Why would the world want to watch a female leader turn to dust in front of their …show more content…
One could ask oneself how could someone overcome their battle with theses stereotypes? There are multiple ways women can overpass stereotypes that may head their way. There have been many misconceptions about women over the years. But you do not have to let these stereotypes define who you are as a woman. To battle stereotypes, one should try to be an individual first so that way people view you first, and not view your gender. What that means is that one should put their knowledge ahead of their appearances, build up in a workforce based on one’s knowledge rather than their gender. Remind oneself that it isn’t necessary to take on interests, or stereotypical behaviors that a man may possess. One does not have to hide away their true goals, by speaking to your boss and informing them you have personal goals that are separate from your work goals, just as the rest of your coworkers would

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