An Analysis Of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” is a terrific story written by Charlotte Gilman. Her famous short story expresses the importance of women being treated equal with men. Though it went under appreciated for decades, Gilman’s story later became a huge piece that was extremely important to the beginning of feminism. She wrote the story based on personal experience, and also based on helping women become aware that they can stand up for themselves.
When Gilman first wrote “The Yellow Wallpaper” it was slightly advanced for it’s time. No one really appreciated it. In fact, most people despised it. At one time, the story was sent to Horace Scudder, the editor of Atlantic Monthly. He disliked Gilman’s story so much that he even wrote her a note saying, “‘Dear Madam, Mr. Howells has handed me this story. I could not forgive myself if I made others as miserable as I have made myself,’”(Schumaker 588). However, by the time
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She studies it so carefully that with each day that passes, she starts seeing movement, eyes, and other things that could not actually be in the wallpaper. Finally, all of this progresses into a woman. She believes there is a women trapped behind the wallpaper, and she tries to help the woman out. “The creeping behind the paper trying to break through is the narrator 's double and, the narrator’s anger and hostility towards her husband gradually surface in the text so she assists the double in breaking free from the forms that confine her” (King and Morris 25). To write “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Gilman used her own personal experience. After marrying the first time and having her only child, she went into a depression that she needed to save herself from. She went through very unusual treatments to cure her depression, but what really helped was her writing. She wrote her famous short story to help others save themselves from going completely insane. Dicken’s work, which she loved, also inspired her to write this

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