California Drought Problem

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In various sectors of the economy, established agencies have imposed an array of ideas that will alleviate the demand set on the municipal district. The current agricultural sector, at least here in California, struggle to meet new standards implemented by Gov. Brown (CA). Municipal districts already struggle to meet current demands and future projections dread growth, but the problem is a technological one. Wastewater recycling has already been implemented by the West Basin Municipal Water District, which governs seventeen cities in the southwestern part of Los Angeles County. Purple pipes, a colloquial term, and gray water practices have been promoted as a more recent innovation to curve the water demand. (Schwartz 2015) These practices …show more content…
From 2011 to 2015, the Sacramento River basin, the San Joaquin River basin, and the Tulare Lake Basin have seen depleting rates in the upper 16 million acre-feet of water, and thus has raised a particular concern as to better management techniques within our state agricultural sector. These drought conditions frequently fluctuate under changing global conditions. Arguably, it 's this episodic nature of the drought that can instill a false sense of water security amongst the general public. (Famiglietti 2016) Furthermore, individual water consumption may only contribute a fraction of our statewide water supply. Governance over sensitive ecological services and sustainable agricultural practices are necessary to consider with regard to water use efficiency. …show more content…
The food industry’s water demand significantly contribute to this deficit. (Famiglietti 2016) Similar to this, a global shift to organic farming would, arguably, be redundant. It’s estimated that industrialized cultivated fields of at least six-million square miles are required to make up for the lower yields of organic production. That is more than the total land area of the United States. (Shulevitz 2016) Alone these statistics may be even more

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