The Importance Of War On War

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It is an undisputed fact that war brings peace: made obvious through many feats within history. Although many struggle with this fact, due to the stigma that surrounds war. As a result of this stigma, it is common for people to focus exclusively on the immoral aspects of war without considering the positives. Typically, Western society does not contemplate how altered our culture would be without war. We do not focus on the fact that our tranquil civilization has been forged through war. Imagine the world we would be living in if the allies did not take Germany to war. Imagine a world in which the economy had not transformed completely within Germany after the war. Imagine a world where civil rights in America were not advocated for and transformed …show more content…
Although many people could argue whether or not the civil rights movement is technically classed as a war, by definition, it is. War is typically categorized as “a state of armed conflict amid different countries or different groups within a country.” Numerous people would say that there was no armed conflict within the civil rights movement, notwithstanding the fact that there were approximately 4 thousand African American individuals who were lynched within an 80 year period by white American citizens. Despite the vicious attacks on African Americans, activism by the likes of martin Luther King and others caused civil rights for all to be recognised by law and the constitution. The influence of activism is apparent in the numerous alterations to law and also to the constitution in America; where all changes were for pushed by the masses. These law and constitutional changes include various civil rights acts, the voting rights act of 1965, and the twenty-fourth amendment. These constitutional and law modifications not only make life more peaceful for African American people and many other racial and cultural minorities, they also strengthen the voice of the people. Countless times in history are civilizations and groups of people restricted from necessary change due to differing opinions between government officials and the masses; these changes within the war against racism prove that the masses can make a difference. The ongoing war against hatred and social inequality has led to the accepting, respectful society that we live in

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