Kakuda Park Research Paper

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Have you ever heard of the national kakuda park, well this park is listed on the world heritage list meaning the park follows the criteria having said that is must be very special right? With this in mind do you really think the construction of a mine is a good idea. Not to mention that uranium mining can be extremely dangerous as underneath the uranium mines there can be high concentrations of radon which leads to lung cancer not only this puts the miners in danger but possibly the local residents to. Furthermore, the kakuda national park attracts many tourists but if the construction of a mine happens this would surely prevent tourists from visiting leading to local residents losing jobs and money. As well as the construction of a mine will destroy plants and animal’s habitats. After seeing all of these consequences and side affects of uranium miming I strongly believe the construction of a uranium mine is a terrible idea and should not go forward!

Firstly, provided that the kakuda national park has been on the world heritage list since 1992 meaning the Site is a place that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as being of special
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With that in mind ovuiosly most people jobs are based around tourists, yet if a mine is built in the kakuda national park it would be an ugly site and destroy why the park is special, leading to tourists to stop visiting and would unfortunately lead to many people losing their jobs and incomes. Not only would the construction of a mine cause people to loose jobs and money it would also take away the opportunity of being able to visit the kakuda national park taking away the amazing chance of seeing the way of life of the aboriginals and the natural habitat with rare plants and animals. By constructing a uranium park it will clearly stop tourists from coming effecting many people lives therefore being inconsiderate of

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