The Importance Of The Juvenile Correctional System

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The Juvenile Correctional System is necessary due to the number of juveniles each year who are arrested. The system has to take into consideration the ages and crimes of each juvenile charged so that it can best choose the route to process the case through the criminal justice system. Some juveniles will be processed through the juvenile system while others charged with more heinous crimes will be tried and potentially punished as adults. Over the years various juvenile cases have changed the way the system now charges and sentences juveniles. The sentencing options for juveniles is either incarceration or various non-incarceration methods. The system faces many challenges as to decide the most appropriate and beneficial forms of punishment for juvenile crime while remembering that a juvenile who commits a crime is still a "child" and the crime does not determine their life as an adult. Rehabilitation is key to the success of the juvenile correctional system.

Juvenile Correctional System
The correctional system of the United States is unfortunately comprised of a number of juveniles. "Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. made 1.9 million arrests of persons under age 18 in 2009." (Puzzanchera, C., & Adams, B. (n.d.). Juvenile Arrests 2009.) Those juvenile offenses ranged from
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Non-incarceration forms of punishment could be warnings, fines, community service, attending counseling, or probation. Probation can be a good rehabilitation tool when used with additional stipulations such as the juvenile attending certain therapeutic programs, curfews or attending substance abuse classes. One good thing about probation is it allows the juvenile to maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle, such as attending school and interacting with the real world, unlike what would occur if the juvenile had been

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