The Importance Of The Inner Workings Of Society

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When I was in high school, my teachers were preoccupied with pushing standardized tests and with meeting the school department’s demands. Whether they intended to or not, their lack of thoroughness created knowledge gaps that have hindered my understanding of the world I live in. When I began reading more often, and conducting my undergraduate research, I began learning about the invisible patterns that dictate the way in which our lives end up playing out. Because these patterns are confusing and hidden, many of us grow old without ever realizing the negative effects that these patterns have on our lives. These patterns work like the gears on a clock, they are the mechanism that make a clock functional, yet because the gears remain hidden under the facade of the dial, clocks appear to work in mysterious ways. If we think of human societies as a clocks, it becomes clear that whether or not the clock is malfunctioning, it is important to know that there are gears underneath in order to better understand its mechanisms and take care of its many parts.
Having access to accurate information about the inner workings of society is crucial to human development because past history will continue to inform the
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Though many people believe that Europeans were able to conquer the Americas because of their technological superiority, history says otherwise. The European shift towards agriculture paradoxically gave European conquerors an invisible advantage over the native people who lived in the Americas. According to scholar Jared Diamond, “because farming became a big deal in Europe, people were living in close proximity to animals like cows and pigs. These animals, over a long period of time, passed little organisms or bacteria onto humans, allowing many Europeans who didn’t get sick, to build a tolerance to the bacteria”

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