The Importance Of The Human Genome Project

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Register to read the introduction… Restriction enzymes are proteins that would act like scissors and would cut out sections of DNA that viruses would inject into a host cell( McElheny, 2010 p. 5). Each restriction enzyme had a specific site it could cut within a strand of DNA, so if a restriction site of a restriction enzyme is know, it makes it easier to sequence the DNA. Polymerases also became important to actually put different strands of DNA together after the restriction enzyme has cut them ( McElheny, 2010 page. 6). Other than restriction enzymes and polymerase protein, reverse transcriptase also became a promising tool in the human Genome project. Proteins are made when messenger RNA is made from a DNA strand McElheny, 2010, p. 11). Reverse transcriptase works by taking a protein, creating RNA and then turning it into DNA, This enzyme was only produced by viruses, and the AIDS virus is one of the viruses that possesses it. Discovering this protein helped biologists realize that the DNA can have many changes, and nothing about it is simple at all( McElheny, 2010, p. 12). Finally, in 1993, there was a gathering celebrating the anniversary of the discover of the double helix, At the gathering it was announced that the Human Genome Project will officially have a new leader (Davies, 2001, p. 1), James Watson was the original leader in the project up until he allows Francis Collins to be come the leader of the project (Davies, …show more content…
You will see headlines about a cure for cancer, or news on a mental illness. You will see people who have brown skin, or have white skin. You will see people who have blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, or hazel eyes. You will see people with brown hair, blonde hair, or even red hair. All these are differences in variability of humans. Kindergartners are taught this. The purpose of the Human Genome Project was to understand everything people see. The Human Genome Project wanted to help understand all the invisible disorders people have, such as cancer, asthma or even Tangier disease. All the visible and invisible traits of humans occur on a genetic level that scientists just wanted to understand. Because of the Human Genome Project, genetic disorders were links and medicine was found. The reason why certain genetic disorders were found because of mutations. The Human Genome Project even outlives its completion date with debates on how to use the information is has provided. The human genome will live as long as humans are on earth, and it was important that scientists mapped

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