Catholic Church Education Essay

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Secondly, the Catholic Church investments assist the population to work, increase their income, and attend school to achieve a higher education degree. All the staffs who work in the church office are from the parish, and they can participate in the priestly life, along with their jobs. Moreover, it is important to highlight the role of the church mission in the educational field, where the most famous schools and universities belong to the Catholic Church throughout the globe. The church also has built houses for the parishioners whether they are in a poverty or have a good income. According to, there are more than fifty Catholic Universities and Colleges as the best ones in the USA, such as University of Notre Dame, Georgetown …show more content…
There are many countries have allowed the church to have humanitarian missions across the nation to get benefits from these missions to increase the economy. As it is known, the church invests by buying lands to build: houses, schools, universities, nursing homes, hospitals, monasteries, and churches. All these investments could improve income of all the workers who participate in the projects. Fr Spotts stated: “For centuries the church has provided the missions and the world with hospital, schools, shelters, orphanages, nursing homes and more” (P. Spotts, personal communication, July 10, 2015). The Church did not abandon to keep its mission alive through starting new projects that could fit the need of the society. Mother Teresa showed the world even though she was alone, but she insisted to keep going in a world where the religion could be a matter of war or peace. She stood up against the racial discrimination and established the Missionaries of Charity where she started her mission in one of the poorest neighborhoods in India. She shared the poor people their happiness and sadness in their lives. She faced the aversion with a smile. Through her mission and her unlimited love to the poor societies, she became the beloved mother to every person, old and young until her death. The Catholic Church has a huge community in India where the difference in culture is not important now because of the effort of one of the missionaries called Mather

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