The Importance Of Teaching For Children 's Education Essays

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For the children’s education, people always focus on how they work hard in school, and what is the score they got after the whole semester. However, should we think about what kind of characters they should have during their childhood? With all of the things that your school does for its students, how does it address one of its primary objectives--not just teaching students, but helping them to become good people? Should we think about how they can study correct character? And where they can learn it? Absolutely children study character from their parents before they go to school, so parents also have obligation to teach children when they start have mentality. After parents, school have to teach character to children because they are not adult, and they still need to have perfect personality. Teaching character such as confidence, self-control and optimism in school is important for children because it is the attitude and behavior that influence their future life to be more successful.
The first significance to teaching character is to improve student confidence, to be a confident person. Confidence is a part of people’s life, if people have no confidence, that is terrible life, and could not do something they want to do. Something people can finish the job by herself/himself, however, because they did not have enough confidence, they are worried it would be failed, they did not start it, or just do little big for this thing. How could we know that we have confidence or…

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