The Importance Of T Shirts And Its Importance Over The Last Few Decades

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“All clothing communicates” (Cornwell 2001, p.376) Cornwell’s research on the importance of t-shirts has grown in importance over the last few decades and the increasing number of t-shirts in each person’s wardrobe. Her ideas regarding the functionality and wear-ability of t-shirts shine through in her research and diaries of her five interviewees. All forms of dress have a connection to the wearer and the item being worn. Whether a person has an attachment to a sweater, a ring, a dress, etc., the psychological connection allows any person to keep memories and feelings in a physical item (Cornwell p. 375). Dress is an apparent part in the lives of every student in Dress and Culture. From picking out an outfit to go on a date, to putting on a jersey for a soccer game, there is a conscious and deliberate reasoning behind why a person picks certain items to wear at a given time. By looking at the information gathered by the presentations given in class, there are quite a few themes that occurred over the course of those presentations. The themes include family, various activities, religion, travel, community, special one-time events, and impersonal reasons (for fashion). The theme that reoccurred the most was family. The theme of family and family life occurred the most often because most of the students in the class still live with their families as well as have close relationships with their families. It is common, especially in the West, for all people to have strong…

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