The Importance Of Socialization In Education

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1.) Socialization is the process by which people learn the basic norms, values, and attitudes by observing the people around them. Kids do this from the time they are born to learn how they should act towards others and what things are considered normal. One way that this is done is through the way parents communicate around and to their kids. In Unequal Childhoods Lareau talks about how the language that is used in a child’s household can have long term effects on the child’s future speaking kills.
Lareau talks about how middle and upper class kids are more likely to learn better language skills because they are exposed to more kinds of literature at younger age and would “discuss alternate meanings of words.” Another thing that Lareau talks
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Lareau talks about in her analysis that children from higher class families already have an advantage over the kids from lower class families, because the parents from these upper class families tend to have more education than the lower class families. This has an effect on the relationship among the parents and the teachers, because depending on what social class they are in can depend on how involved the parents are going to be in the child’s education. This can also lead to teachers having to use different kind of language when talking to other parents, because some parents might not be as educated as others. The difference in the class differences can also be reflected though their views of discipline. Most parents have different views on how they think their child should be disciplined and they expect the school to discipline their students the same way they do. The discipline that is done at a child’s home and the discipline done at the school should be different and should follow the school’s system for disciplining, but his can have its problems. Since kids are being disciplined differently at home they might not react the same way to the discipline done at school. This can result in the kid not taking the discipline at school as serious as they …show more content…
Lareau talks about how social capital is important for when it comes to the relationships between a child’s parents and the child’s teacher. When it comes to what expectations that the teachers have with the parent’s involvement, they want the parents to be involved in their kids school. Teachers want the parents to be involved in helping the kids with their homework and they want them to be up to date with everything that is going on with their kids. Teachers like this because if the parent is constantly updated they are able to make sure that the child’s educational problems, if they have any, are being presented and fixed. Though some parents do keep up with their children and their teachers, a lot do not. Its here that teachers end up getting stuck with parents that are more likely to lash out at the teacher when their child is doing bad, when they should be trying to talk to them about why their child is doing bad in the class. Another thing that Lareau talks about is the class-based differences in parental involvement. For middle and upper class families they are more likely to be involved, while the lower class families are more likely to not have as much parental involvement. It can be easier for a family from the upper class to be involved because they will have the resources to be able to take the

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