Bacon's Rebellion: The Cause Of The American Revolution

Great Britain sent people over to what is now known as America, and those people started the thirteen colonies. While the thirteen colonies were controlled by the British, the Americans were unethically treated and didn’t have much say about what happened in parliament. This unfair treatment includes the taxation of Americans, there lack of representation in parliament, they also didn’t get to choose their role in wars. The Americans wanted self-government from the crown because they were unfairly treated by the monarchy. The Stamp Act was a tax that British parliament passed, to put a tax on every sheet of printed paper in the colonies. The actual cost of the Stamp Act was relatively small. What made the law so offensive to the colonists was not how much it costed, but what the money went towards. …show more content…
Bacons rebellion was caused that Governor William Berkeley refused to retaliate against the Native Americans when they attacked some frontier settlements. Bacons Rebellion of 1676 was a rebellion against Governor William Berkeley. The rebellion was led by Nathaniel Bacon. The reasoning for the rebellion was that Berkeley had a much disorganized government, that and there were a lot of different unfair treatment from the governor. Like, he didn’t let Bacon trade fur with the Native Americans. That helped motivate people to revolt against Berkeley. Berkeley also didn’t care very much for the colonist’s safety, which aided then to revolt.
When the colonists did the rebellion, the colonists ran Berkeley out of town, and torched the capital. At first the rebellion was being delayed because there were armed merchant ships from England, and he captain of the ship were on Berkeley’s side. Right after the rebellion, the forces of English government started to show up and take out anyone that was involved with the resistance or were in a resistance. And the English started to make a new government directly under crown

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