Does I Believe In Religion, Science Or Religion?

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Religion provides a background that a person will always be able to carry with them. Even if a person does not believe in religion, science provides the same advantages. They both explain how and why this Earth and everything on it was created. Both also provide a group that a person can belong to. It is human nature to want to belong to a group, and science and religion provide this. But, just because you associate yourself with a religious group, it does not mean you have the same interpretations of others in that group. In the analysis of the ten interview questions, you will see that very statement is true. My first interviewee was my grandmother. My grandmother was born and raised in the Lutheran faith. Her mother, my great-grandmother, …show more content…
The first positive idea my grandmother shared I really enjoyed. She said a positive aspect of religion is the idea that we are men and women for others, not ourselves. Religion gives us a purpose. We are on this Earth to do God’s work and to help the poor and less fortunate. Her second positive idea about religion was that religion provides people with the ability to find inner peace through love and forgiveness, taught by Jesus’ life. The last positive aspect that she believes comes from religion is a sense of a moral life. Christianity helps us live a moral life, by promising us the reward of Heaven when we …show more content…
From listening to the responses to sin and Hell from her third graders, she thinks it is a huge drawback to religion. Children are growing up fearing that one mistake will lead them to Hell. This could be why many adults are turning away from religion because they have grown up with a fear of religion. My mother believes that we should live a life like Jesus, but know we are human, that we do sin and do make mistakes. However, these mistakes do not define us, and a few mistakes do not determine if you go to Heaven or Hell. The second negative idea my mother brought up was the inflexible hierarchy of the church and their long hill beliefs. Her third negative aspect is the discrimination of gender. My mother believes that the Church should catch up with the modern times. She does not believe however, that we should just throw traditions away, but when these traditions were created society was different. My mother believes that the church should grow along side society. This would make the Church seem more accepting and more appealing to learn

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