Why Is Hamlet's Procrastination In Hamlet

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In Shakespeare 's “Hamlet” the main character Hamlet is experiencing an emotional battle as most teenagers do. He has found out that his father was killed by his uncle Claudius in a plot to take place of the throne. Throughout the story Hamlet continuously expresses the fact that he must avenge his father, but by being the kid he is, he tries to find an excuse for why he hasn 't yet. In one of the first few scenes of the story Hamlet is confronted by a ghost like figure, who is later detailed as his fathers ghost. The ghost informs Hamlet that Claudius has killed him, this should have been enough to convince Hamlet. But Hamlet must scope the situation out, because in the time of the play ghosts where still thought to be of dark sources. In that instance Hamlet thought that the ghost was a demon attempting to get him to avenge his father for the wrong reasons. Much time has passed following the run in with the ghost and Hamlet still has not …show more content…
Hamlets procrastination can be reasoned with though. His first reason for delay is that he does not know if the ghost he encountered is in fact his father or a demon figure. To couple in that form of procrastination Hamlet must now find out if what the ghost says is true and he does this by conducting a play. Following the play he is delighted with the fact that what the ghost said is true, so he continues on avenging his father. Hamlet is given the opportunity but fails to execute because it was not his “Golden” opportunity. To bring everything together, it can be noted that another reason for Hamlet dragging his feet on avenging his father is because he is still troubled with the fact that his father was killed by his uncle Claudius. Hamlet hesitated in many instances resulting in the death on an innocent man, but it was all for good measure. At least Hamlet is given closure with the fact that he knows who the man responsible for his fathers death

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