The Importance Of Politics In Education

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Introduction There are issues that surround the topic of education in many different ways. Curriculum, teaching, legalities, and even philosophical, to name a few, but there is a strong importance of political issues in regards to education. The reason this specific topic is important is because politics impact the world we live in. How we do things and the way our country is governed is directly related to politics and the decisions that elected officials make. Politics in education impact everyone involved: teachers, students, administrators, policy holders, and even the entire public as a whole. Teachers must show the importance of “political friendship” which, according to Mullins is when “students are exposed to practices that encourage …show more content…
Beginning in the 1800s, when schooling became a major factor in people’s lives, political issues followed right behind. Reformers like Horace Mann attempted to make schools more political by trying to make schools more democratic around the 1820s. Even then, the teachers saw it important to educate the students on social and political issues, like republican principles. This time period is extremely important because it helped to shape our education system into what it is today. The issues of politics in education span far greater than one state or even the entire United States, it has been a world- wide issue from the beginning. Many say that social policy being brought into the topic of politics in education began to shift people’s way of thinking. “Defining and examining the way that social policy influences education policy is the first step in understanding the politics of education” (Gallagher, 2015). In this, teachers, through education, contain most of the power to decide how important these topics are. They choose to what level the students are taught various principles. The students, parents, and all of the public are affected by this decision. Political issues in education have shifted since the beginning, but many have kept the key importance of making sure students are educated in this area. Although in 2001, with the creation of the No Child Left Behind Act, we see how …show more content…
We must agree on the importance of implementing political education. Politics are a major issue in the world we live in and even if teachers are not able to adequately teach it, it will not remove it as a problem in society. The more children are educated, the better. “Scholars of environmental education (EE) and education for sustainable development (ESD) have been among the environmental leaders calling for individuals to become increasingly engaged in political action aimed at addressing environmental and sustainability issues” (Levy, 2013). This statement actually raises the accusation that leaving political education out of schools will develop people that will live in a world unable to function with environmental and sustainability issues. This takes the entire topic to an even higher level of importance. No other changes have worked in the past and to really change the way things are playing out many more people need to be educated on this topic of politics in education and on politics all together. These recommendations are feasible and can be accomplished without much effort. Having the teachers being in control of what the students learn will drastically change the system. It will make sure that students are equally educated and this will allow them to make their own opinions based on what they have learned. Totally leaving this education up to the

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