The Importance Of On-Body Cameras

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Throughout time, technology has become a key component in our daily life. Technology, defined as the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems (Merriam-Webster Online, 2016), surrounds our every movement throughout the day. For example, people use electricity to light their home as they get ready for the day, they drive their cars to work, and brew themselves a cup of coffee with a coffee maker. Although these are all common, routine tasks people perform every day, there was in fact a time when none of these devices existed. Technology has created millions of jobs and simplified our lives. Many specific business fields have drastically benefitted from technology such as the criminal justice …show more content…
On-body cameras capture confrontations between civilians and police offers. They are not restricted such as a car-dash camera would be, so they can follow an on foot chase or crime. As Aviva Rutkin explains, the opposition of on-body cameras is mostly related to the belief that people act different when they know someone is watching, including both the police officer and the civilian. (Rutkin, 2015) On the other hand, some people are the change in behavior can be considered as an added layer of security. The thought of being on camera or having someone watch you will change how you respond to someone. Rutkin give the example of a year-long study in Rialto, California. A handful of on-duty officers wore on-body cameras while. Their findings suggested that officers who wore the cameras used 60% less force than those without them. In addition, citizen complaints of police officers dropped by over 88%. (Rutkin, 2015) Barak Ariel, William Farrar and Alex Sutherland performed a similar trial. Their trial included 1,000 officers wearing on-body cameras at random shifts for the duration of 12-months. They found that civilians who had “bad experiences” or even simple warning from a police officer were 15 times more likely to file a complaint against the officer. In addition, they found the use of force by police officers drastically influences civilian’s perception of them without diminishing effects. After

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