How Do Individual Differences Affect An Individual's Behavior

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Inquires begin with self as all things are influenced by each individual 's values and perceptions. Every individual has their own set of ethics and standards of right and wrong. Reflexivity refers to the relationship between cause and effect and how they influence each other. In relation to ethics, an individual can reflect on why they may feel something is right or wrong and on how that is affecting their perceptions. Each individual needs to start with themselves and self-reflect before arriving at a conclusion about another 's behavior. I have personally heard from others that they consider ethics to be "black and white"; someone 's behavior is either ethical or unethical. However, this statement does not take into account
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The researchers are trying to understand more about the daily experience of others in the hopes the research will reveal conditions, agendas and beliefs through a potentially anonymous, non-threatening forum. The theoretical framework may be to determine how Human Rights Activists influence change. The survey may be used to collect data on what variables exist in support of the researcher 's hypothesis as well as previous literature and theories. The research methodology may include a mix on quantitative and qualitative data. The survey could be set-up to collect quantitative data through closed questions and qualitative data through open …show more content…
As each individual processes information and analyzes the behavior of others, their perspective may be skewed as a result of objectification. Individuals may observe the situation differently or arrive at a different conclusions based on their own person experiences. It becomes important in the study of human relations to be aware of your personal judgments that may result in objectification and to consider how they may impact your observations and conclusions. It is also important to consider how objectification could influence the behavior of others.
Stereotypes seem to be driven by objectification. One may form judgments about another individual based on previous experiences that led to the forming of the stereotype. When doing research, the researcher would need to self-reflect and identify their stereotypes and determine how it may affect their research and/or how to mitigate its effect on the research. It also becomes important to understand what stereotypes others may have that could be affecting their

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