The Importance Of Neighborhood Watchs

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Trayvon Martin shot dead by a neighborhood watch! The neighborhood watch is supposed to be the eyes and ears of the community and report crime as they see it, rather than take matters into their own hands. George Zimmerman, 28, shot and killed Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black teenager who was walking unarmed through a gated community in Sanford, Florida. Neighborhood watches do not just “watch” the community, instead, they invade ones’ privacy. Neighborhood watches are not beneficial to communities due to racial biases between the neighborhood watch and the people of the community, the allowance to carry guns and lack of proper training. Neighborhood watches would not be beneficial for communities with racial biases between the neighborhood …show more content…
The role given to a neighborhood watch is that “They should report their observations of suspicious activities to law enforcement; however, citizens should never try to take action on those observations. Trained law enforcement should be the only ones ever to take action based on observations of suspicious activities.” (NSA). In the state of Florida, there is a law that allows licensed gun owners to carry a concealed weapon and George Zimmerman is one of those individuals. With his gun he murdered Trayvon Martin. Neighborhood watches are not supposed to carry guns because they are not law enforcers and volunteer to watch the neighborhood. As stated in a New York Times article, “Law enforcement officials uniformly stress that the job of neighborhood watch volunteers is to observe and report what they see, not to confront or to the police. What volunteers need are cell phones (to call the police) and flashlights.”(2013). It is clearly stated that a neighborhood watch just needs a phone and flashlight to do their job. A gun would just cause more casualties in communities due to suspicious activity a neighborhood watch observes or encounters. They would react with their first instinct and grab the gun. There would be no first think then act, but straight to …show more content…
George Zimmerman, lacked proper training on what to do in certain situations. If he was trained properly, then it is safe to say that there was a possibility that what happened to Trayvon Martin would have not occurred. The city 's new police chief, Cecil E. Smith, who took over in April, is trying to renovate the department by making changes to the city 's neighborhood watch program, by including “background checks for all volunteers, a six-week training program for block captains and monitoring by the Police Department.” (Karlamangla, 2013). The new police chief is trying to ensure that the injustice that happened to Trayvon Martin does not happen again. By making a prerequisite for neighborhood watches makes certain that the individuals are experienced and well trained. The real question is why the old police chief did not work closely with neighborhood watches to make sure they knew how to follow protocol, but it took murder to make a change in the way neighborhood watches are now being

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