The Importance Of Sign Language

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My voice has always been a powerful part of my existence. I can shout when my soul has been shattered by wrong doers. My opinions have never been stifled by fear of hearing myself stand upon my convictions. I’m not shy, reserved, nor is my back adorned with a “welcome mat” to be walked upon. The very fiber of my being disregards feminist that have struggled for me to be heard. I choose my voice to be silenced. Unfortunately, embedded in my heart is a missed opportunity to educate an ignorant waitress with my voice. My silence was unknowingly a breeding ground and acceptance for intolerance. Ron (my husband) and I are sitting in a restaurant conversing over the day’s events. While I’m glancing down at my menu trying to decide what to order the chaos …show more content…
She voluntarily let her ignorance bleed thru like a gushing wound. She could have smiled at us, a small non-verbal gesture that’s a universal sign of acknowledgement. She had seen us using sign language prior to walking over to the table. A wave is a recognizable gesture of “hello.” A pen and a piece of paper to introduce herself would have been appropriate, and an appreciated effort of trying to establish communication. “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see,” said Mark Twain. The waitress returned to our table with our bill. I let her walk away. I missed my opportunity to politely explain how to better accommodate someone that is deaf. I threw away my chance to help open her eyes to a different culture. I sincerely regret my lack of tenacity to make her look at Ron and acknowledge his existence. The next time she encounters someone that is deaf she will treat them the same way. I will forever hold a small responsibility to her future ineptness by not educating her. My guilt gave birth to a new concept. I had to evaluate my own inner struggle. I had to stop being ashamed of being able to hear and speak. Silent acceptance only provided power to intolerance; I had to reclaim

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