Why Is Music Important In The Elementary Classroom

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1.) Music is valued greatly in the elementary classroom because it helps students learn more efficiently. Incorporating music in the classroom can make it easier for students to understand and learn. Music can help students who need help in subject areas, such as speech or math, and can enhance their skills. It is important to keep music in schools because it can help children with language and grades, and can also help when a student is struggling in the subject. Singing can help children learn how to pronounce and recognize words, which can benefit their reading and speaking skills. Using music activities in the classroom can also benefit students because the activities can be interactive and interesting to them. Instead of teachers lecturing for long periods of time, causing students to lose interest and become inattentive, they can incorporate music with their lesson so students can wake up and engage in a fun and educational music activity. …show more content…
This is a great method of teaching a subject that some students struggle with. Students learn more when their teacher incorporates music activities in the classroom, thus leading to students improving academically. Music is as important to the elementary classroom as well as it is in peoples’ daily lives. It is something people hear almost every single day, when they’re either driving to work or riding in an elevator. Music allows people to express their feelings and emotions, especially when words can’t. Explaining how you feel when you’re upset, angry, or happy can be tough, so that’s why music helps us when we don’t know how to explain

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