The Importance Of Moralism In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby written by Fitzgerald narrates the story that a rich and handsome man tried hard to achieve his dream and the woman he loved, but ended with death. The novel represents a materialist, corrupt and depraved society where people degenerated both materially and spiritually. This society was generally going down rather than went "from nothing to nothing" (p. 103). In this essay, why people of all classes would ended the same and how people lost morality will be stated. It will also be explained why damage of the society was necessary.

In the Great Gatsby, although people did not start at the same material level due to their classes, they ended with the same. Working class remained poor, while others reached wealth at a time but
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Their insane desire for the life of upper class crushed out their ideals. Laws were just words on a page; people were morally demoralised; the whole society was damaged. The history of human illustrates that the rise of an age is always followed by the fall. There is neither permanent prosperity, nor enteral decadence and the age in the novel happened to be the time America was going to fell. The broken of the society could be regarded as an inevitable process of the history. Gatsby believed that he was great enough to reverse the past, but how could people control the time or the nature? When Daisy was chatting with Gatsby in Nick 's house, Nick saw a huge tree (p. 85). The tree had twisted roots grew deeply into the ground and massed leaves that could shelter people from the rain. The tree is the symbol of the nature. The tree had suffered numerous storms and sighted the changes of Gatsby 's house. Likewise, the nature has existed millions of years, it has witnessed the evolution of the world. Human is tiny, young and weak compared with it. People were so hubristic and arrogant that they convinced that they could rise above the nature. However, just as the last sentence of the novel said, no matter how hard people tried, they could not transcend the nature (p. 172). After all, human is the product of the nature. Just like the boat in the river, it cannot go against the stream. Years slipped by, people lived and died, society rose and declined. The history would repeat itself again and again, only the nature remains as nothing has ever

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