The Importance Of Minimum Age Taxation

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In recent years, an increasing number of obese populations have serious problems in people’s daily life. In fact, ‘most studies show that about 20 percent of children ages 6 to 11 are overweight, while the number of obese children as nearly doubled in the last 20 years’ (Henshaw. 2011). How to control what is become a moment urgent things should people to do. The taxation of unhealthy diet should increase to limit their intake to reduce cases of obesity and other related diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. However, some people think that free market economy has self-regulation by solving these problems and there is not necessary to decline obesity and related diseases through taxation. Even with the market economy, the minimum age …show more content…
The changes of government taxation policy have a large effect on people’s daily lives. According to taxation increasing economic institution, which could helps the states raise investment. (Besley. and Persson. 2009).
The first is that increasing scientific and technology inhibit obesity and related diseases, that government funds invest in medical researchers. Some diet pills and weight loss equipment are coming out, even have related diseases medicine efficacy. Nowadays, developing variability of different types in slimming pills could be satisfied by people’s demand; it has divided in fat burners, appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters etc. which could give more choices to obesities.
Secondly, the more taxation funds should be used on strengthening food and drug supervision to maintain normal marketing orders. The government could punish shoddy and counterfeit products manufacturing enterprises, encouraging them to produce healthy food even discover a new taste. ‘Indeed substandard medications do more harm than good to people 's health and it is unethical to give such drugs to people’. Of course, ‘in any market, some corruption and fraud always exist, but there are few commercial markets where fraud can have such drastic impact on global health and welfare’. (Nsimba.
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Unhealthy food and drink taxation has an influence on marketing competition of food industry producers.
A consequence of this is that the tax increase inhibition of the production produces. When the unhealthy food and drink taxation rise, producers should improve more cost than before. As a result of this, they have not willing to produce the same qualities as usual. Furthermore, the unhealthy production decline, affecting the competitiveness of enterprises.
In addition to this, if the balance in this industry has been broken; enterprises which want to keep the market covered should be initiated to change the mode of production, producing more healthy food.
In order to ensure profits, unhealthy food and drink producers should reduce their production. And the government will subsidy encourages the businesses produce more productions and research them focus on healthy food and defense-related diseases, which for the producers a long-term sustainable development path (Williamson.

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