The Importance Of Being Earnest Love And Marriage Essay

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The importance of marriage in Victorian times was much more than in today's society. There weren't many marriages that started with love, but in that era, a woman's life was not filled until she was married. Reaching the married stage is at the bottom of a long list of rules and stages that shall be followed.
At a young age, girls would begin to fantasize about their wedding and the man they wished to marry. In the play The Importance of Being Earnest, Cecily and Gwendolyn are obsessed with the name “Earnest” for their future husband. They would not marry anyone that was not by the name of Earnest as they have already decided who they were going to marry when fantasizing about their wedding. Gwendolyn says this to Jack ”The moment Algernon
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They were not allowed to be together without being accompanied. In public they were allowed to hold hands, walk alone, and kiss. However, staying with each other was or even seeing each other during the night hours was frowned upon in the Victorian era. Through pride is how these couples show their love for one another in public. The man shall show protectiveness over his significant other while she must do the same. Protectiveness at this time was like asking for approval to speak or to simply do something. As a couple, they should treat all people with respect and friendliness.
Engaged couples spent very little time together. One reason being he is elsewhere at work or other duties. The engaged woman usually sat around the house and cooked or cleaned. “Her place was in the home, on a veritable pedestal if one could be afforded, and emphatically not in the world of affairs (Altick 54).” Women during the Victorian era were always lower on the totem pole than any man.
Before the wedding happened it was traditional that the groom's parents go and eat at his bride's parents house. During this time he would meet all of her family including aunts, uncles, and cousins. He doesn’t have to get to know them, just by making a visual connection with them is enough for this tradition. The same happens to the bride. Appel
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It was not traditional to wear white to get married in until Queen Victoria got married. Young girls were encouraged to wear a greenish dress to show their fertility. Girls that were in their mid-twenties were supposed to wear brown, while anyone older was advised to wear black. After the Queen got married white was the traditional color for both the dress and flowers. Traditional dresses were form fitting until the mid waist where it flared out. Reminding one of a Cinderella dress. The dress should be mostly lace and could cost anywhere from about 500 dollars to 1500 dollars.
A bride's attire on her wedding day changed throughout the years. During the 1860s the proper attire was a veil, white gloves, a handkerchief with her maiden initials, stockings that were embroidered, and flat shoes with a bow attached at the front of each shoe. The 1870s changed the attire just a little by adding in a full train to the dress. Jewelry and diamond tiaras were worn at the time of

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