The Importance Of Literature And Its Impact On The Environment

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The importance of literature can be seen in various aspects. Environmentally, literature tells the story of the relationships that humans share with the environment. Literature of Africa and the Caribbean use an interdisciplinary approach to shed light on different environmental concerns. In a sense, literature gives nature its voice. In this paper, I will outline the importance of the Feminist, Eco-Feminist, Eco-Imagination, Eco-Centric, and Eco-Efficiency.
Ecocriticism is “ecologically sensitive creative writing and criticism”. (Okuyade, v) Ecocriticism is literature that explores our physical environment all while critiquing the way we interpret, epitomize, and interact with it. One’s culture determines a great deal of the symbiotic relationship between the human and environment. Eco-imagination reveals our own “inner nature”. Expressing things such as human creativity, sovereignty, and the various needs, vulnerabilities and longings of human life in regards to our environment.
Environmental crises use literature as an outlet and as a call to action. It is vital that a society knows of its contribution to the environment they live in on a daily basis, and what effect they have on it for future generations to come. Having a commitment to an array of interactions with the environment, engaging in overall environmental awareness, and learning or participating in environmental beliefs, are all forms of eco-activism. Eco-activism can also be seen as ecological consciousness,…

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