The Importance Of Life In Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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John Steinbeck once stated a quote reading,” Man himself has become our greatest hazard and our only hope.” John Steinbeck’s quote was supported by many events and outcomes in our past society. Man has been the producer of many horrid and many successful events in history. Man has worked to simplify life by the making of inventions and sacrifices chosen. Man made the car to make travel simple, and the car made pollution, man made the lightbulb to brighten up surroundings, the lightbulb created hazardous materials. In the end there was always good to be done. John Steinbeck shows this in his Nobel Prize winning book and reminds me of relations I have to the characters portrayed in his book. Many characters in the novel are relatable to my life. But in the end I can best relate to the Character of Slim and the way he makes crucial decisions …show more content…
Slim shows friendship in the way he acts and the way speaks towards others in the book. Slim does this by stating,” He’s a nice fella… Guy don’t need no sense to be a nice fella (Steinbeck 40).” Slim does this to stick up for Lennie because Lennie doesn’t get any respect, and George doesn’t get to hear that from anyone. Hearing this George finds that Slim is a nice man and he is somebody that George can rely on if needed. After George has to get rid of Lennie Slim tries to show friendship towards George when saying,”Come on, George. Me an’ you’ll go in an’ get a drink (Steinbeck 107).” Slim says this to George after the tragedy to calm him and comfort him. Slim was being friendly in this situation and providing George with open arms. Slim provides friendship when and when not needed through constant support. Slim is portrayed as one of the most loyal, friendly, and reliable characters in the novel Of Mice and Men. Slim shows friendship in many ways and most of these ways I can relate to in everyday

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