The Importance Of Leadership Practice

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Leadership practice and theory
Kempster, Jackson & Conroy (2011) believe that it is possible for the social purpose to articulate and develop in corporate leadership however it’s an appreciation of the context is needed to become manifest, the making sense of leadership appropriate end goals and the restrictions on the nature of societal discourse. We will need to focus on how worthy purpose, internal goods, and virtues can be pursued in the corporate context.

(Kempster, Jackson & Conroy 2011). Argue that there is a need to have a more developed understanding of how leadership occurs in practice, there is a need for leaders to engage in organizational practice

Narcissism & Hubris
Narcissism is a psychoanalysis term used to refer to an obsession with self-preservation and self, and it’s unconsciously and consciously performed by individuals as to defend their identity and part of everyday lives (Pullen & C Rhodes 2008).
Where Hubris is an acquired personality syndrome that is developed when the individuals get themselves in power positions. It’s an exaggerated self-belief and excessive sense of self confidence and dislike of any criticism or advice from others. its linked to absenteeism of humility (Russell, 2011) as cited in (Claxton, Owen & E Sadler-Smith 2015)
Hubris is according to Claxton, Owen & E Sadler-Smith (2015) an
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Harvey 2002). Some people are born with the talent towards negative but according to Simpson, French & C.E. Harvey (2002), it is possible to identify activities or approaches that may develop the negative capability. Psychotherapy and individuals can understand their own patterns of dispersal. Simpson, French & C.E. Harvey (2002) goes on saying that there is a need for research more

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