1900's America Industry Environment

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Since the early 1900’s America has changed drastically changed regarding land, politics, and industry. As the population grew and families expanded there has been a need for more use of the land for houses and other buildings. The government has intensified to the extent of how they run our society. They are more involved and on top of incidents that may occur and they try to accommodate to every ones’ needs. The factory industry has changed by being more “green” when it comes to what is put into the atmosphere. By them being more careful and cautious, the environment has a longer sustainability rate. As the population grew the land was slowly diminishing due to it being torn apart and built over. When the population grew, more jobs were …show more content…
Many people had the similar ways of going about how they ran their business or other factory. After the civil war, they no longer used hands on labor, they changed to machinery and other forms of service. With this form of technology, good could be produced ten times faster than if they put manual labor into it. People wanted to expand their businesses and to get other people involved so they could make more and more money. Most market businesses were located in the cities, which led more people to move to the cities in large numbers. Yes, this was good for the local businesses but in the long run, the people who moved had to find jobs as well. There have been new products invented over time, too. Some of these include type writers for authors how enjoy writing and want to publish their work. Before they hand wrote everything and then published them that way. Earth has natural resources that we utilize as a whole. They have increased tremendously over the years and gained different forms of usage. With the amount of water that earth has to offer, they used it for the better- to help better the industrial machines. Investor and banker’s population rose greatly. When the rise of businesses began, so did the economy. People went to bankers and investors for stocks and bonds. As their stocks and bonds started gaining money, so did their businesses. The amount of banks tripled due to the lack of a poor economy. The industrial age was an important time in America’s history. It was the leading point to where we are today. We are a strong and have a strong economy going for us

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