Ethics In Architecture

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Architects are the main professionals who deal directly with the environment, therefore, they are on the fore front in determining the nature of the environment in the long-term. During the designing process they come up with the land planning process. They determine the process of moving material, the use of material and most of all they determine the site of the buildings. All this factor affect the landscape and consequently, the fate of the natural species and wildlife species. Therefore, architects ethics is determined by their opinion and action toward environmental conservation.
This paper seeks to investigate the position of the architecture as discipline and a profession with the consideration
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As architects we determine the design of the buildings, the site material and the components of the building. Putting up a structure whether commercial development, infrastructure for the public sector, housing estates all these development have potential negative impact on the natural habitats, affecting plant species and wildlife. When designing a building the consideration also goes into the construction material which are processed and delivered through process which impact biodiversity negatively. Therefore, as architects it our duty to protect sensitive sites and minimizing the damage to the ecology. We also have the opportunity to enhance the biodiversity by creating habitat as part of the construction or development projects. Therefore, we have several steps that we have adopted to protect the natural …show more content…
These efforts by our firm have enabled me to acquire positive attitude toward conservation of the environment. I have acquired environmental ethics. This qualities has enabled me to consider the impact on the plant and animal species when engaging in land use planning to my architectural firm.
Personally, I feel ethically bound to protect the natural habitat and species when engaging in land use, this is during designing process of new building. I am aware my actions and decision could have negative impact toward the environment, therefore I am environmentally conscious. This means that my decision are guided by my set of belief for the environment. I believe that for the eco-system to exist in harmony, the decision such as architect like myself must be guided be sensitive to the environmental concerns. This include making efforts of protecting the environment during my work

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