Segovia Lamb Roast Essay

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Sassy Old Ladies, And Segovia Lamb Roast
All I really need in life

The dish I am writing about is Roast leg of lamb in the style of Segovia. This dish is by far one of my favorite dishes my Grandmother makes. Although it is very fattening due to the fact that lard is used both in the lamb as well as the potatoes, this is the traditional way of doing so. The lamb roast is the crown jewel that sits upon a throne of golden delicious potatoes. It is simple yet elegant it’s simply a work of art. The lamb is roasted until it is well done and it is the most succulent, tender, meat I have had. Most of the time it does not require a knife. With the hint of wine that it is cooked with, it sends this lamb roast up to the upper echelon of lamb roasts
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My Great grandparents as well as my Grandmother and her siblings are all originally from the city of Segovia in the province of Castillo, Spain. This dish is very popular to city of Segovia because Segovia made it’s riches in the wool trade in the 15th century. So lamb and sheep will always be very important to the people of Segovia. To my Grandmother and my Great Aunt, this dish brings them back to Spain and reminds them of their late-father. Every time since I could remember they would always talk of their parents and Spain while laughing and cooking the dish. This dish is not only delicious but it holds such a relevance in my family and it has trickled down generations. When my Grandmother was asked “What does this dish mean to you” she responded “Well this dish means everything to me. It reminds of my late father, my old home in Spain. My childhood in Spain. Our family in Spain. I guess this dish just represents love and family in general to me.”; and I know that this dish will always represent love and family to me as well. This dish as I explained is very important to my family thus it represents them to

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