The Importance Of Interpretting Ctg 's Is A Competence I Am Still Developing And Admit I Need

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Interpretting CTG’s is a competence I am still developing and admit I need to focus on. Aided by my new knowledge of the ‘criteria’ for a good CTG based on the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (n.d) education programe, I worked systematically with Amanda through the trace. I clearly articulated what I thought, paying attention to the DR C BRAVADO nuemonic (COMPETENCE, COMMUNICATION). During this time I also included Ellise by tailoring my communication and explaing that her baby was happy and how I was intereting the CTG (PARTNERSHIP). I also recoginsed that Ellise’s contractions were not as regular as we would like and quaried this with Amanda as I was unfimilar with the management of syntocinon. Amanda turn the syntocinon rate up as per the guidelines she was following which state to do so until four contractions in ten minutes have been achieved (ADHB, 2013). In recognition of my limited knowledge I asked Amanda appropriate questions to maximise my learning as I learn very well from practicing and observing rather than reading or writing (COMPETENCE). I was aware of the risks of syntocinon infusions and ensured I paid particular attention to how the baby responded, ensuring no fetal distress as a result of hyperstimulation and tachysytole (ADHB, 2013; RANZCOG, N.D) (COMPETENCE; PRACTICE REASONING). I also wanted to get a better understanding of Ellise’s contractions as CTG machines do not accurately display the strength of…

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