The Importance Of Hospitals

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Hospitals are supposed to be a good thing for people. They are made to help the sick. In my case, hospitals could not save my grandpa. Being sixteen years old and losing someone so close to me, makes me realize that one day someone you love will not be there anymore. It was a cold October night there was a south breeze that just made you shiver. It is a night I will never forget. This is the night that my grandpa got diagnosed with stage 4, lung cancer, and the night that changed our whole life. I just got home from volleyball practice, but nobody else was home. I called my mom because she always tells me where she is, but she did not this time. "Mom, where are you?" I asked. "At grandmas, Kyle is going to pick you up, grandma has something …show more content…
My grandma was crying, but the thing that hurt the most was the painful, sorrow look on my grandpa 's face. I knew right there and then that this was going to be bad. My grandpa said the truth, he did not sugar coat it (he never sugar coated things) like most people do. He told us that he has fast acting cancer, and that he has at least three brain tumors. The doctor only gave him less then a year to live. My grandpa knew he was a dead man, he said it himself. Everyone was crying, and if they were not crying they were holding back tears. The one thing that made me bawl my little heart out was that he would not be able to come to my volleyball games because he had treatment and would be to weak to come. Although that was a terrifying night, I will never forget the sorrow that filled the …show more content…
They had a priest that came, and talked about his spirit. My cousin and sister gave a speech about how my grandpa was so loving and caring. I was not supposed to give a speech, but I wanted to because something bizarre happened that day. My grandpa taught me how to drive, and he told me never to drive with flip-flops because they get stuck in the gas pedal. Well like most granddaughters do, I did not listen to him, so on the way to the funeral I was driving in flip-flops because it was the only shoes I had to match my outfit, and I got a flat tire on my car. In my heart, I knew that grandpa did this to me. He did this to me to teach me a lesson. On that same day I put a metal angel in my car to symbolize that grandpa is always with me, and apparently I get a flat tire for wearing flip-flops. Grandpa has always had a bizarre way of teaching his grandkids valuable lessons, but that day he taught me well because I have not drove with flip-flops

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