The Importance Of Homicide And Rapes Cases

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In today’s day and age law enforcement officials as well as investigators walk a fine line to make certain that the felons they apprehend are prosecuted and held accountable for their actions no matter how big or small. When it comes to the variety of different crimes ethics plays a very crucial part in every case that occurs and faces trial. The two most important crimes pertaining to ethical investigations is homicide and rape. The reason why homicide and rapes cases are most important when it pertains to ethical investigations is because they are the most heinous and psychologically damaging of all crimes.
In order for cases to be successfully prosecuted it is important that the Criminal Investigators as well as the Prosecutor have both
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However, just like with a homicide case the who, what, where, when, how and why questions need to be answered. Due to the nature of rape crimes and cases it is crucial for the Criminal investigator to be experienced as well as caring to handle the distraught and psychologically damaged victim. If the criminal investigation is not handled in a delicate proper manner while paying attention to the victim, he or she may not be able to open up about what happened. Out of all the dangerous, horrible and gross criminal acts that can occur rape is the one that will more often than not give the victim emotional, mental and sometimes physical scars that will haunt them for the rest of their life. Rape requires more proof and evidence to prove and match up with a victims claim and story. Physical evidence in a rape case is the most vital evidence of any other evidence because it helps determine who and how as well as the facts from fiction. (Ward, R., & Osterburg, J., …show more content…
For instance a prosecutor is not an agent but a member of an institution that has a responsibility to seek justice. Also the prosecutor is employed to work for the public and uses the criminal investigation to gain valid information to ensure a conviction and that the right person is being punished and held responsible for the crime committed. Prosecutors need to ensure that any evidence is admissible in a court of law to prove and present their case as well as ensures that the confidentiality of the criminal investigation is not compromised or breeched in any way. (Rule 3.8: Special Responsibilities of a

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