Aging In Nursing Home Research Paper

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Introduction In the next several years, there is going to be a huge increase in the population of older adults. Because of this, financial resources are going to be stretched thin, long term care facilities are going to be overly population, and older adult will outnumber caregivers by immense amounts. Aging in place is one major way to help prevent these things from happening to the older adult population. Over 95% of older adults agree and would rather stay in their homes then being moved into a nursing home. This is because home is such an importance and special place. Home modifications, new technologies, housing communities, and forms of care are being developed and improved every day to help older adults age while staying in place of …show more content…
The reason for this is what the feeling of home brings to someone. It is a place of comfort, security, and belonging. It is also a place of freedom. At home they have the ability to make their own decisions. They have control over their daily activities, their food, their bodies, and their social status. It is when someone goes to a nursing home, where that feeling of autonomy is threatened. The decisions they were making on their own before are now being made for them. According to the article “‘At home it’s just so much easier to be yourself’: Older Adults’ Perceptions of Ageing in Place”, feelings of control and physiological wellbeing go hand in hand. This is especially true when their environment is uprooted, they feel transition stress, and experience other losses. This is when feelings of helplessness arise (Stones, et al, …show more content…
Sensors are one way caregivers can detect if an older adult has fallen or other emergency has taken place. This helps them to get to the scene faster, rather than the person laying there for hours in pain. These same sensors can help monitor the individual’s functional ability. The caregiver can tell how much time they have been in bed, changings in their bathing, and cooking activity. New technology like this will help older adults be able to stay in their homes longer rather than being moved into institutional care (Huduser).
Many older adults are prescribed several different types of pills, each with different instructions of how and when to be taken. This can get confusing and older adults occasionally forget; failure to adhere to their medications can cause damaging results and potentially death. Because of this, many people try different pill organizers, reminders, and new technologies to help them remember their medications. One of these new technologies is MedMinder. Based off their website, these pill dispensers remind the individual when to take their medications through alerts. The person is reminded every 30 minutes. The first time will be a flash, then the dispenser will beep, then the user will receive a call on their phone. If they still haven’t taken their medications, then the caregivers will all get a phone call, email, or text. In order to not get confused, the dispenser

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