Hatred In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Hatred and war appear consistently in the history of the human race. Families can spend decades growing this seed of anger in their relatives, teaching them to despise one another which in turn creates dark, festering, feuds. In Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet, the Capulet and Montague feud is constantly brought into focus. It is that feud that opens the very first scene in the play and continues to be a main focus when one chooses to look between the lines. Not only is this feud full of deep-seated hatred, but it continues to boil beneath both families’ actions and drives the plot forward.

Society has an obsession with forbidden romance, especially when it is based off feuding families. In Shakespeare’s play, Romeo And Juliet, the feud
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It is partly their love that makes them rush into a relationship, but also the danger. Romeo is a Montague so he cannot ask Lord Capulet if he is allowed to court, and marry, Juliet. The two lovers know they can not live without one another and choose to ignore what they have been taught at, presumably, a very young age. They decide that they would rather die in love than live alone. With the feud on mind, they spend that night planning to get married.

Parents commonly think their own hatred is mirrored in the children, these misconceptions can cause rebellion amongst the young adults. In Romeo And Juliet, by Shakespeare, the Capulets’ and Montagues’ feud causes Juliet and Romeo to beg the Friar to marry them the day after they meet without consulting Juliet’s parents. The Friar agrees to their plan and the two get married in secret. Their marriage eventually leads to their deaths. The feud that is left unresolved for too long is what kills the young heirs. When Romeo buys the poison that kills him, he tells the man,

There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls

Doing more murder in this loathsome
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Not only does the feud between Shakespeare’s characters in Romeo And Juliet full of anger and hatred, it continues to grow and expand with the Montagues and Capulets throughout the play. Every emotion a character experiences and acts upon, makes the plot develop slightly more and become thicker. With this in mind, one can read or watch other pieces of literature and begin to understand it with a deeper meaning. It opens up doors of opportunity for a reader’s thoughts, leaving them wondering what may have been if their beloved characters did not emotionally react in a certain way. The feud was needed for the play to have some sort of plot because without it Shakespeare would have just written about two people getting married. There would have been no plot to it, just a dry teenage romance piece of

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