Essay on The Importance Of Grit And Passion For Long Term Goals

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The research focuses on the relationship between grit – “perseverance and passion for long-term goals” and the educational achievement, in comparison with other factors like personalities (Rimfeld, Dale, Kovas and Plomin, 2016, p. 780). The hypothesis of the research is that grit is a significant prediction of academic achievement. The researchers also want to understand more about the etiology of grit, its genetic and environmental origins. They want to know why individuals differ in grit and why the way they develop their grits are different (Rimfeld, Dale, Kovas and Plomin, 2016).
According to Duckworth, a math teacher in middle school and high school, grit can be important as intelligence and can play a more significant role in academic achievement than intelligence and other factors. One of Duckworth’s studies suggests that the grittiest student usually make highest scores in their academic tests and have highest GPAs. She explained his her study that the grittiest students may not be smart as students who score higher on an intelligence test but spend more time in studying and always try to work harder than other friends. Duckworth says that academic education is like a long road with plenty of challenging experiences. She also gives an interesting example of some students who are first generations in the family being able to go to college. They have to cope with many difficulties like lack of family support and financial resources. Some of them have to work…

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