The Importance Of Genetic Profiling

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Need – There was a need to identity similar genetics between those with genetic diseases and other members of their family to identity and alert them if they were at risk for potentially deathly diseases. This helps to protect other members of the family and potentially save lives through early detection. There was also a need to better and more reliably analyse DNA from crime scenes and use this information to find and detain suspects. Through composing a detailed portfolio of an individual’s DNA there would be no question in determining if the suspect was present at the crime scene.

Function – This innovation served the function of locating similarities in the DNA of relatives to help in early detection of genetic diseases. It also helps to
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Another factor that has assisted the success of genetic profiling is funding from government bodies, which has led to the continuing dedication of forensic scientists and those who use genetic profiling for their line of work. With growing facilities and funding for equipment they are able to strengthen genetic profiling and see its success.

Government funding in areas of research and use of genetic profiling has been instrumental to the success of this innovation. A government report on funding disclosed funding would be provided to the following areas;
1. Direct funding for, or in support of, state and local police departments and crime laboratories
■ DNA Capacity Enhancement and Backlog Reduction Program
■ Using DNA Technology to Identify the Missing
2. DNA and other forensic sciences research and development 3. Training and technical

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