The Importance Of Government Funding For Cures

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The ASCO is urging the federal government to take bold new action to ensure the pace of progress is not hindered. Sustained funding of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is critical to maintaining the pace of scientific discovery(ASCO)Recently The funding for Certain fatal cancers have gone to breast cancer. When it comes to U.S. cancer research funding, deadly disease doesn’t always translate into dollars. Lung cancer – the nation’s top cancer killer – ranks near the bottom by many measures of funding.FOX News Network.
I believe the U.S should provide more funding for Cures and genetic research because If the Government provided more funding more scientist would be hired making research faster
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While a majority of U.S. lung cancer patients are current or former smokers, about 20 percent of women and 10 percent of men with lung cancer never smoked. If only nonsmokers ' deaths were counted, lung cancer would still rank in the top 10 deadliest types of the disease.(Roethel). If the government supports their people and their health, they should provide more funding for research and cures to be provided.This alone could stop many dangerous diseases from developing if well well maintain ourselves and protect against common/rare threats also easily boosting the economy.
Breast Cancers rate of survival has gradually risen yearly due to their surplus amount of revenue invested compared to Lung Cancers drastic 15% constant and lower revenue income which is surprising because it is deadlier than Breast Cancer as of now.$2,000.When the amount of NCI lung cancer research funding is divided by the number lung cancer deaths, it equates to about $2,000 for each person who died last year. For breast cancer, it 's more than $15,000 per death. It 's about $9,000 for each prostate cancer death, and $5,000 for each colon cancer.(Roethel) This amount is why more people are dying
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$88.7 billion dollars is disturbed by 50% of this cost is for hospital outpatient or doctor office visits.35% of this cost is for inpatient hospital stays.11% of this cost is for prescription drugs.Economic Impact of Cancer American Cancer Society.The Demand cause the price to rise making more revenue but a quick depletion in resources. $88.7 Billion is a very huge amount going into various drugs with the cot increasing annually due to demand. This view seems convincing at first, but all Research and cures may be temporary due to the advancements in biological evolution and the immunities bacterias offspring may have due to their parents exposure to are vaccines. Cannabinoids may have benefits in the treatment of cancer-related side effects.This Method Is Very Much in Expensive and More Natural than harsh UV rays and Chemotherapy.American Cancer Society).Even though some people believe With there being more cures there will be a high demand to get cured and major uses in resources.I believe the U.S should provide more funding for Cures and genetic research because If the Government should care for you taking on the responsibility of leading you and keeping your safe….how about keeping your alive and safe and better economic

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