The Importance Of Fickleness In Act 1 Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare

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In Act 1 of Julius Caesar we see plots being formed and secrets being unveiled. We find

out from when Caesar killed Pompey to Cassius wanting Brutus to overthrow Caesar from his

position. We start seeing unusual things that are happing that are not a good sign for Rome, but a

good sign for Cassius. There are many things to find out in Act 1, such as what are Roman

tribunes, as to what kinds there are, what their role in society was, and why Marullus and Flavius

worried about Caesar.

The famous Shakespearean play starts of with two Roman tribunes, Marullus and Flavius,

walking around in the streets of Rome. Back then a Roman tribune was an elected official in

Ancient Rome. It is a person who defends peoples rights and stand next
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The people do not

care for political niceties; it seems that they just cheer on anyone who happens to be winning and

is able to put on a fine show or make a rousing speech. The Roman republic means little or

nothing to them, and this draws the extreme ire of the two Tribunes. (gpane)

Also, the fact that they would just cheer for anyone who is in high authority proves that

no one really cares about who 's in charge or the fact that they don’t know what is best for Rome

or its people. The fact that anyone can be in charge, the people will still praise and cheer for

anyone who appears to be high authority. The Roman citizens just jump on a bandwagon and

don 't stop to realize that maybe whoever is in authority is not good for their city and may lead

them to straight death.

We then end up seeing Caesar with a fortune teller or the Soothsayer. The Soothsayer is

warning Caesar saying “Beware the Ides of March” or the middle of March. He is warning

Caesar that something will happen to him and that he should be careful. Caesar, the big bold-

headed man, did not listen to him. He brushed him off thinking, “I am Caesar, nothing will

happen to
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You can sense the

tension Cassius has for Caesar.

During the conversation between them we hear many times shouting in the distance.

When Casca gets back they find out that Caesar was offered a crown 3 times and each time he

denied it. Each time he denied it, the people of Rome would cheer and shout. The third time we

find out that Caesar had a seizure because Casca tells them that he had fell to the floor and had

foam coming out of his mouth.

In my opinion, Caesar is not a good leader. He 's not looking at whats best for people, he 's

only looking for what is best for himself. When they offered him the crown three times and each

time he denied it, he wasn’t thinking about what the people want, he wanted a higher place or

position for himself. He also wants fat lazy men because he 's afraid people like Cassius will

expose him.

As we come close to the end of Act 1, we can see that Cassius and a couple of people

meet up at Pompey’s porch to figure out a plan to overthrow Caesar.Cassius had the plan of

writing letters to Brutus but the plot twist was that for each letter, it would be a

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