The Importance Of Fears In Life

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I remember when I was going to play in my first ever basketball game, there is a lot of thoughts and feelings going through your head. The feelings are completely unlike practice, as often players have to do better than their whole team and the rest of the other. There is a bar that they make in that person’s mind that they have to fill and makes they have to jump above it. This is evident not only in basketball but in almost any areas in life. There are many obstacles in life, and people need to find something or someone to help get past these obstacles in life. For example, sports have helped me take the pressure off of playing sports, a lot of the fears I have, but not all of them by a longshot, and even some fears of death since that is …show more content…
Phobias are extremely common and have a massive spectrum of intensities and what they are afraid of. People are often not able to experience many aspects of life due to fears and this can be a major drawback to a person’s life. For example, I have a fear of heights, which sucks because I have trouble finding the ideas of flying, bungee jumping, and skydiving fun or even slightly enjoyable. I have although, gone flying many times and this can be a hint into the fact fears can always be overcome. There is lots of ways to get over fear, the most common one is experiencing it and then coming out unscaved and realizing that it isn’t really that big of a deal. Even though I have gone flying a lot before, I still am not sure if I would ever be able to go skydiving or anything of that sort, because your mind sets a sort of barrier on you saying that this is not a good idea. Fear is more of a mental obstacle in life and is best overcome by experiencing it. Except, there is in fact some legitimate fears that are also healthy and normal, and help you stay away from real danger. For example, fear of falling into fire or being on fire is quite reasonable and will more than likely help someone stay away from ever having to be on fire. There is lots of ways to look at fear, but some are just plain unreasonable. The fear of a duck watching you somewhere on the planet is an example of …show more content…
I consider this my personal largest obstacle in life as it is the one unavoidable certainty that will make life come to a stop. It is not as much an obstacle to some people as it is a transition, as some religions such as hinduism believe in rebirth at death and life cycles. I also personally don 't believe in religions, neither do many scientists, as they always search for a solid answer rather than have hope and wishes. This feeds the uncertainty of the afterlife and fuels the fear that all humans will experience when dying or having a close death experience. I have had a few close to death experiences before, like when I almost drowned trying to swim for the first time. I felt like I had to do everything I can to save yourself even at the cost of others. Feelings will go numb, as all one has inside is adrenaline and the will to live, which is actually quite intense and scary at the same time. Even so, there is so many things humans will never learn, which will contribute to people having to risk their lives to try and seek out answers. Overall, death will always be inevitable and will be a fear that all people go through, but eventually find out the answer to when it is their

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