The Importance Of Faith In Philosophical Dilemmas

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In Philosophical Dilemmas, an augment state that the believers attitude has terrible consequences. And a person should have some good reason to back up anything he or she believes in. The person that believe in this argument is a questioner. And questioner believe that there has to be hard evidence to believe in it, so like facts because you know that it exist and you can see it yourself. So a questioner doesn’t believe in faith. But in many religions faith is held up as an important standard of right. People that believe in questioner go after people that are religious. They argue that, “how do you know that god exist.” Children are told by their parents what religion to follow when they were toddler, but as children got older they never ask …show more content…
One of the example from the book stat that a woman husband passed away but she believe that he still exists. That he is somewhere out there listening to her and watching her. By her believing in this will make her loss easier to deal with because she will know that her husband is still with her even though he isn’t physically there. But questioner see that as an awful consequences for to believe in because an authority say that it is true even through there is no evidence to support the belief. If the people who follow authority they will never learn to think for …show more content…
Paul specifically list faith, hope, and charity as the Christian virtues. But one religion that faith is more central to is Islam. The word Islam come for Arabic language and it means submission. The people who follow this religion are from the Middle East. The religion of Islam acknowledge that there is only one God. But the other religions that people follow is place more or less emphasis on faith as well. So that Islam religion is base of faith and to belief and trust in and loyalty to God.
Questioner think that beliefs should be based on evidence and not comfort to make you feel better about yourself. Our beliefs are supported to be about the world as it really is and how you should see it. That is what beliefs are and should be. So we must make every effort to find out exactly what the world would be like. We should do that by observing, analyzing, experimenting, and collecting information. And not by obeying authorities, massaging our own egos, or letting our fantasies run wild. Basing any of the beliefs on faith would be terrible for your own personal

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