Essay On Eyewitnesses

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Eyewitnesses play a key role in police investigation’s, but how likely is it that they remember correctly. Eye witnesses’ are not as reliable as one might believe and I will be explaining this reason. The eyewitness memory can be of any value good or bad in court cases, depending on the demand which is hard due to the subjectivity of the human perception. The story told by the witness, which depends on the precision of human memory and nothing is more important to a jury than a good eyewitness. As humans we think that our minds can remember everything we see and read like a movie being played back in our heads, but it’s not and that’s why we think that eyewitness testimony so powerful and convincing. But how often is a good memory demanded …show more content…
Our perceptions of the world are hypotheses based on past experiences and stored information. A lot of information reaches the eye, but much is lost by the time it reaches the brain (Gregory estimates about 90% is lost). Therefore, the brain has to guess what a person sees based on past experiences. We actively construct our perception of reality. Prior knowledge and past experience, he argued, are crucial in perception.” McLeod, S. A. (2007), Gregory, R. (1970). People hold wildly to the conviction that the recall of our memories is protected in place, our memories are basically enduring, and our impressions are never truly overlooked. All that we learn is for all time put away in the brain, some of the time specific points of interest are not available. With hypnosis, or other uncommon procedures, these out of reach points of interest could in the long run be recovered. Human memory is a long way from perfection and forgetfulness is a fact of life.
Whenever we pay attention to any specific object or a person, we start perceiving all the related information about it which is used for perceiving his ability to discern the others’ state for instance emotions and his traits. There has been a general

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