The Importance Of Ethics In Public Accounting

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The measure of the success of any business corporation undoubtedly indicates its economic performance. However, in order to achieve outstanding performance in the long term, the corporation ought to make the best use of the experience and talent of the entire personnel. It should always guard its upright reputation as an employer, supplier of services and goods, citizen and buyer of the countries and regions of its operation (Allaire & Rousseau 2014). Directors of any corporation have a role to act in the top interest of the corporation which includes the responsibility to assess, equitably and fairly, the impacts of the company’s decisions and actions on its stakeholders. A public accounting firm’s ethical environment also plays a very special …show more content…
However partners of such firms are the ones who perceive this environment of their firms to be stronger than do non-leaders. (Bobek et al. J Bus Ethics 92(4): 637-654, 2010).
In order to achieve goals of the corporation, I strongly believe that, the partners have to consider some factors. Simply meaning, the expectations of management should be considered as well as the ways that the Partners can use to alleviate the differences behind this discrepancy. Since the ethical environment is said to reflect the pervasive ethical climate, we need to determine what ethical behavior is within the organization. In doing so, these views must be met and upheld by all members.
The partners being the governance body that is the highest should be responsible for setting standards and values within in the organization via decisions regarding incentives, strategy and internal regulation systems. However, understanding
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(e.g., Verquer et al. 2003). In my opinion, these means that, the partners should be systematically conscious of the detailed factors and consider them when determining if holding or having a stronger degree of organizational fit should be directly or indirectly related to having a positive perception of the firms ethical environment. Also in research were, other organizational influences on accounting professionals perceptions of the ethical environment of their firms, such as having a stronger degree to identify with their firm to seek full

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