Reflective Argument Analysis

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According to the council of Writing Program Administrator Outcomes, I have succeeded in English 1900. I understood the rhetoric knowledge and applied it in my assignments. I have learned that I have to mention to mention the purpose of the topic, the audience, and the context of every assignment. I focused on the purpose by accomplishing the goal of my essays to let my audience understand my arguments. Assignments are often designed with a particular audience. Therefore, knowing my audience helped me to include the information that is useful. For example, when I wrote about “how to prevent medical errors”, my audiences were SLU doctors. Therefore, I only wrote some strategies that can help SLU doctors avoiding medical errors. Using an appropriate …show more content…
I feel that I effectively integrated my arguments with those of others, so I not only obtained some arguments from research papers but also incorporated my arguments with some quotes and statistics to demonstrate the issue. At the beginning of the semester, it was a problem for me, because I did not write any research papers before. However, I ended my proposal using eight scholarly articles. I think that the peer review sessions that we did multiple times in a class had a very helpful impact on improving my essays because my classmates helped me by evaluating, revising and adding their brilliant arguments to my essays. On my proposal, I used the ideas of many doctors who have studied in detail the issue “ Medical Errors” that I wrote to present a solution to that problem. By using the ideas of credible writers and professional doctors, I was able to make my argument more …show more content…
Both of them have the same effect towards the audience. The differences between the paper and the screen are on the type of audience and the type of the text. for instance, old people like to read a paper, because they are not familiar with the technology. However, young adults prefer to read on electronic devices such as laptop or tablet, so they can read the texts anytime and anywhere. Instead of taking five books, they can only take a laptop. There is a difference also depending on the type of the document. I think that when we write about an anecdote, we use the electronic such as blogs. I believe that the blogs, like we wrote every week, can be read only on electronic devices. However, I prefer to read a book while holding it in papers and cannot read it on the

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